A citizen initiative that raises funds to help the Ecuadorian health system.

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The #SalvarVidasEC initiative is led by a recognized group of Ecuadorian citizens and audited by PwC to guarantee the correct use of funds.

Let's all unite to save lives in Ecuador!

Your donations help us acquire and deliver the medical supplies and equipment needed by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health, hospitals and other medical institutions.


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We are an initiative that works to save lives.

The #SalvarVidasEC initiative is led by Guillermo Lasso Mendoza and a recognized group of Ecuadorian citizens.

Together we are stronger. With your help we can raise funds to acquire supplies and medical equipment that our country so much needs.

To guarantee the correct use of funds, a PwC team will audit our work.

Join this cause. Let's save lives together

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This initiative may interest you. Saving Lives Ec is an opportunity to help us buy medical supplies to Ecuadorians hospitals.

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This initiative may interest you. Saving Lives Ec is an opportunity to help us buy medical supplies to Ecuadorians hospitals.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for this initiative?

SalvarVidasEc is an initiative led by Guillermo Lasso Mendoza along with a group of Ecuadorian citizens concerned about the current critical situation in Ecuador. The members are: Alfredo Borrero Vega, Carlos Cueva Gonzalez, Iván Baquerizo Alvarado, Angelo Caputi Oyague, Armando Mosquera Viggiani, Hernán Ponce Aray, Aparicio Caicedo Castillo, Guillermo Lasso Alcívar, Santiago Lasso Alcívar, Eduardo Herdocia Pazos.

What does it mean that the trust will be audited by PwC?

PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, is present in more than 157 countries and in Ecuador since 1969. As independent auditors, PwC guarantees trust, formality and transparency towards donors who join this initiative, knowing first-hand the use of the funds raised.

Who will benefit from these donations?

The main objective of this initiative is to acquire medical supplies and equipment in order to assist all Ecuadorians who need it.

How much money do we need to raise?

As much as we can. According to Ecuador’s National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC), in 2018 Ecuador had 1.4 hospital beds for every 1,000 inhabitants. There are only 1,745 ventilators in Ecuador, 389 intensive care rooms and a total of 1,183 beds in intensive care. Ecuador needs all our help to get medical equipment and supplies.

How is the decision-making process in Salvar Vidas EC?

The Salvar Vidas EC trust is organized in committees responsible for the decision-making process. First, in the Technical Committee, medical specialists decide what medical equipment and supplies need to be purchased. The Purchasing Committee then decides how to allocate the funds raised and makes the purchase order for the products, always with the approval of the Board. Finally, the Advisory Committee ensures that medical equipment is legally and appropriately received in hospitals and health homes. Once delivered, a technician is in charge of the installation and configuration of the equipment so that they work correctly.

Why are we doing this?

We are the 3rd country with the most Covid-19 cases in Latin America. As Ecuadorians we are affected by the reality of our country and we firmly believe that together we can make a difference and help save lives.

Activity Report

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Guillermo Lasso Mendoza

Carlos Cueva Gonzalez

Ivan Baquerizo Alvarado

Alfredo Borrero Vega

Guillermo Lasso Alcívar

Santiago Lasso Alcívar

Angelo Caputi Oyague

Armando Mosquera Viggiani

Hernan Ponce Aray

Aparicio Caicedo Castillo

Eduardo Herdocia Pazos

Technical Commission

Alfredo Borrero Vega

Armando Mosquera Viggiani

Eduardo Herdocia Pazos

Advisory Commission

Julio Mackliff Elizalde

Juan Fernando Noboa

Luis Buendia Portalupi

Eduardo Bonilla

Daniel Coronel Kronfle

Executive Director

Heinz Moeller Gilbert


Marcos Miranda Burgos

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Name Citibank N.A.
address 388 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, USA
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Fedwire or ABA code 021000089

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Name Banco Guayaquil S.A.
Identification 0990049459001
Address Pichincha y P. Icaza, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Swift code GUAYECEG
Account on the intermediary bank 36140531

Data of the beneficiary

Name Salvar Vidas
Identification 0991290915001
Address Guayaquil, Ecuador
Account number on Banco Guayaquil 45973824
Type of account Checking Account